About us

Our story

Quality has been our second name for over 30 years. Dusa d.o.o. is a company that produces high quality windows and doors. Design, development and applied technology brought Dusa d.o.o. on a leading position in the market.

Top quality products and a high level of expertise in the field, from consulting, assembly to after-purchase product care provides superior service without compromise!
Our success is the result of satisfied customers and their long-term trust. The goal of our business is to provide top notch procucts and service to every existing and new customer.

We are proud to say that we have managed to achieve this goal thanks to the fact that our products are built with high quality materials that ensure durability, and are designed to meet all functional and aesthetic criteria. We can assure that we guarantee an outstanding exterior and interior design, and thermal and sound isolation standards for your house or business premise.

Quality assurance and compliance with European standards is approved by the institute in Rosenheim, Germany, where we periodically test and control our products.

Why wood?

Before the final selection of materials, good information is the most important. The assumption that we do not intend to change the carpentry with the change of fashion in a few years goes in favor of the wooden window.

Buildings under the protection of cultural monuments with built-in wooden carpentry are “living” proof of this. If a window, manufactured many years ago, according to the technology of that time, managed to last for many years, today’s quality and maintained wooden window can last for more than 100 years!

On the other side, among the first thoughs that come on our mind when we think of PVC windows is easy maintenance. Why is maintenance of PVC windows easy?

PVC windows cannot be maintained same as wooden windows, but could be only cleaned. Over time, the wash turns into a strong scraper which damages the window surface. And what to do in that case?

You have to replace it with a wooden window, which, in the first place, does not bind so much dirt to itself, and all possible mechanical damage is easily repaired. Due to the level of surface coats quality in previous years, wooden windows often had to be manually coated with stains
or paints to protect the wood and ensure long term usage.
Today’s quality of wood surface treatment, either in terms of the quality of the materials themselves or in terms of wood protection technology, prolongs the “life” of windows and greatly reduces the need for a new coating.

After carefully analysing characteristics of both, technical characteristics are in favor of wooden windows. It has been proven that wooden windows have the best thermal and sound isolation. The stability of the wood and the possible production of large pieces from only one piece without deformation and the consequences of sealing are great advantages of wood.
Wooden windows have the ability to “breathe”, which is especially important for rooms with a higher amount of moisture in the air (eg kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms), but also for rooms with dry air (eg central heating).

By diffusion, wood expels excess moisture outside the room, or in the second case it injects the necessary moisture into the space. And last but not least, the question of wood heat still remains. The most people will agree that wood is irreplaceable in this regard.

General information on the CE Declaration of Conformity

The CE conformity marking is an abbreviation of the European Community (in French “Communautés Européennes”).

The CE certification indicates that the product complies with the relevant EG guidelines and their technical specifications.

It is neither a mark of goods nor a mark of origin, but refers exclusively to essential requirements required by the certification guideline. The product with the CE certification has a unique mark throughout Europe and is thus approved for a approved sale of goods in all European countries.

Requirements set for the CE certification are fullfiled in our entire product range.